The MIT Alumni for Climate Action Leadership, MITACAL, is committed to addressing the climate crisis with the support of the 130,000 strong MIT alumni community. To that end, MITACAL entered four proposals into MIT’s Climate CoLab contest aimed at answering the question, “What is the most effective thing that MIT alumni can do to help implement the MIT Plan for Action on Climate Change?”

Today, we are delighted to announce that two of MITACAL’s proposals – ClimateX and Green Careers Hub – have been selected as semi-finalists of the CoLab competition. ClimateX is a layer on top of MIT’s EdX through which MIT Alumni will impart and receive training on climate-related science, tech and policy. The Green Careers Hub is  an easily accessible resource for MIT alumni and students to get information from MIT alumni and others relevant to developing a green career.

We thank our fellow alumni and friends for their feedback and support over the past few months and look forward to engaging with the MIT community as the competition moves to the next phase!