3/4/2016. For immediate release:

The MIT Alumni for Climate Action Leadership (MITACAL) applauds the student group, Fossil Free MIT (FFMIT), and the MIT administration, led by Vice President for Research Maria Zuber, for coming to agreement on strengthening MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change. As alumni intent on catalyzing climate leadership in the MIT community, we are proud of this agreement on three counts:

  1. First, of the passion and commitment that FFMIT has shown in their 116 days of peaceful sitting in across from President Reif’s office;
  2. Second, of the reasoned and flexible response of Vice President Zuber and her leadership team;
  3. Third, and perhaps most impressive, that both students and administrators had the courage to disagree face-to-face, and the patience to move the situation from heat to light.   Fossil Free MIT has won a seat at the policy-making table, a conceptual breakthrough that sets a key precedent for climate protests at other universities.

The agreement’s four key components – carbon neutrality, climate action advisory council, industry engagement benchmarks, and ethics forum – provide a prime opportunity for the entire MIT community, on site in Cambridge and around the world, to roll up its collective sleeves to put MIT on the path to being the global leader on climate action we’re confident it can be.  MIT Alumni for Climate Action Leadership is energized and ready to go!