September 10, 2015

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Welcome to the new face of MIT Alumni fighting for bold climate change action!

Over the summer Alumni for Divestment at MIT (AD-MIT) morphed into MIT Alumni for Climate Action Leadership (MITACAL).

A Bit of Background

Last fall a few of us started – inspired by student activists in Fossil Free MIT (FFMIT) – to think together how to bring the alumni view into climate change action at the Institute. Initially, we focused on fossil fuel divestment; hence, the name Alumni for Divestment at MIT (AD-MIT).
We have, for example,

Why the Change?

Over the summer, new members joined us in a conversation about our big picture strategy. We concluded: Fostering climate action leadership at MIT requires a broader platform than divestment. We are positioning MITACAL not only to apply pressure on MIT to do the right thing in the endowment’s portfolio, but also to roll up our sleeves as alums to help MIT set a positive, inspiring example globally for what climate action leadership looks like at a preeminent science, technology and management educational institution.

Where you’ll see MITACAL

…and, be sure to drop us a line about how you’d like to get involved at!

What’s Going On Around Campus?

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Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved? Email us at!