Harnessing the Power of MIT Alumni at the Climate CoLab

In conjunction with President Reif’s announcement of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change, MIT’s Climate CoLab launched a contest specifically targeted at alums: Harnessing the Power of MIT Alumni. The contest runs until 6pm ET, 29 January 2016, and provides us all with a means to help accelerate climate action.

Climate Co-Lab

MITACAL has submitted four proposals and welcomes your comments and votes!  Whether or not an MIT alumnus, anyone can contribute ideas to the contest, as well as vote for and comment on proposals.


As stated on the contest’s website: Proposals can be at any stage of development:

  • Well thought-out ideas that still require additional research or planning
  • Comprehensive strategies that are ready for implementation
  • Initiatives that have already achieved success in another realm and are ready to be expanded in a new area

Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Visit Harnessing the Power of MIT Alumni and register with the Climate CoLab (top right) by creating username & password, or register through your Facebook or Google account. [You do not need to be an MIT alum!]

Step 2: (a) Review MITACAL’s proposals by clicking on each of the links below + (b) click the “Support Proposal” button at the top right of each proposal’s page

Step 3: Comment on proposals you’d like to strengthen

Step 4: Join a team whose proposal you’d like to develop further, or submit a proposal yourself!


Step 5: Forward this blog post to interested friends/fellow alums, and encourage them to jump in!