Today, nineteen MIT alumni published an open letter to alumni leaders in The Tech, urging them to harness the power of their constituencies to transform MIT into a global climate action leader. On behalf of MITACAL, we called on class reunion AN_OPEN_LETTER_TO_ALUMNI_LEADERS__-_The_Techorganizers and local alumni club and interest group leaders, many of whom are meeting today and tomorrow at the annual Alumni Leadership Conference, to embrace the recommendations of the Climate Change Conversation Report. The report, released in June and based on input from the MIT community over the past year, contains recommendations for actions the Institute can take to make a serious impact on tackling climate change. A formal response from the administration is expected in the coming weeks.

In addition to supporting the report’s recommendations, we call on fellow alumni to add their own skills and interests to the growing movement for climate change mitigation. As we write in the letter, the time to act is now: “The scientific consensus is clear. To stay within the 2 degree centigrade threshold that governments around the world have agreed is necessary, we need to transition towards a clean energy society and cease building new fossil fuel infrastructure by 2017.” Who better to lead such a challenge than MIT alums?

As technical experts and respected leaders across science, technology, industry, and government, MIT alumni are uniquely positioned to command attention from business leaders and policymakers in proposing bold solutions to the climate challenge. We at MITACAL have called for MIT to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies and implement the other recommendations of the Climate Change Conversation Report. Moving forward, we aim to link together with other alumni from diverse backgrounds and fields of knowledge, and together help propel MIT to the forefront of tackling the most important scientific and moral challenge of our generation.

Please check out a short video of MIT alumni and MITACAL members discussing the need for MIT to lead on climate change action by divesting from fossil fuels.